As Americans, we've faced big problems before. We can solve this one.

Thanks to all who participated in the I'm Ready! Video Project Contest. We're pleased to announce the two $500 category winners:
Judges' Selection Winner: "Word on the street" by Peder
Fan Favorite Winner: "Movin' in, kids!" by Robby

Let your voice be heard!

Simply start with "I'm [name], from [state]."  Tell us why fixing our runaway national debt is important to you. Record or upload here, and we'll post it in our gallery.


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Idea starters:

  • America has faced big problems before. We can solve this one.
  • We need a serious long-term plan to deal with our growing debt.
  • I want to invest in the future of our country.
  • We need leaders to be honest about this problem and face tough choices.
  • Let’s set the country on a path to save and produce, not go into debt and consume.